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queer kid & genderfuck
metal, punk, blues
pinups & lumberjacks
sex, gender, & the beautiful human body


every creature is a gift;
thirst for knowledge
fight for unity
transcend all boundaries
disclaimer: i do not agree with or believe everything that i post here and neither should you. i just like soaking in new perspectives.


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whenever things get bad i start a new blog in a new little persona and then drown for 4weeks+ hoping i can magically die and be reborn not a stupid sack of shit

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now indulge my attention-seeking-cunt self and call me pretty

actually wait don’t I’ll actually just be really fucking pissed, you know nothing lol

I have a busted face, my hair won’t quit, and I’m getting fat (not good fat, gross unhealthy human septic tank fat)

Please insert a bomb into the base of my skull u g h

i hate myself for being too much of a fucking pussy to do it i really do

im legitimately fuckign worthless

the new semester is coming up in a few weeks this is supposed to be my last year of high school im going to have to move out in a few months because i make everyone want to die i don’t fucking understand how i’m not supposed to off myself

i’m too much of a pussy and a selfish little fucking bitch to kill myself anyways what am i saying

im just actually going to go punch myself in the head until i start seeing stars i deserve to be fucking annhilated goodbye

I’m going to kill myself.

No, I’ll be ok.

I am not going to live to see 2014.

Yes I will. New year, new everything.

I deserve to be fucking dead.


I don’t want to be alive anymore.

I know.

I’m a piece of shit.

I know.

I’m a burden.

I know.

I’m selfish and ignorant. And stupid.

I know…

I deserve to be fucking dead.

I deserve to have my skull split open.

i want to be fucking dead I want to be fucking dead I need to be fucking dead.

I’m going to kill myself.


A conversation with a seven year old.

100000000000% ACCURATE


Future Face by Billy Nunez


Dear Readers,
I’m very excited to announce the launch of my new website, medievalpoc.org. My webmaster and I have been working tirelessly to expand our format and include changes, tweaks, and features that have been requested by readers and fans of medievalpoc.
The engagement and discussion that you all contribute to will continue here on tumblr. Medievalpoc.org will be a static home for the content, serving as a stable, searchable resource.
Migrating the content will happen regularly, but not quickly since the goal is beautiful posts with the highest resolution images possible. However, this is a great opportunity for new followers to discover the content buried in the archives.


  • Searchable Content with improved organization
  • Tags and Categories including Tag Cloud
  • Mobile Site (no more crashing your phone browser)
  • JUST the Art and Original Articles by Medievalpoc: Find the sources you need without searching through reblogs and asks
  • Quick Links to Medievalpoc on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and coming soon, Flickr
  • Disqus Comments Section for feedback from readers
  • See new posts as well as your favorites as the site is filled with all the great content you’ve seen on your tumblr dash

Feel free to give feedback, and I hope you all enjoy the new site!

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the medievalpoc book.


i want the hell beaten out of me. i wanna cry. i want to not like what’s going on and have to take it anyway. i’m not in a good place with how i feel about myself and my desires reflect this and i want to indulge them


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"The story of Conn Eda", the hissing of the monster was heard at a great distance, illustration to ‘Irish Fairy and Folk Tales’ by William Butler Yeats, 1893, p.313; three snake-like creatures surrounding a figure on horseback Brush drawing in grey ink and bodycolour (?)

drawn by James Torrance